Thursday, July 14, 2011

KidBotanical's Personal Backyard Grow-Entry 4

     Sorry for the delay folks, I've been pretty busy that last few days, but fear not, for Entry number 4 has arrived. These pictures are dated from the end of June, so my girls have aged about 1 month since my last personal grow Entry. Without further ado, here is my personal garden, aged 10 weeks:

My prize Sour Flower, a back-cross of Super Silver Haze, stands around 45 inched tall
The largest of the 5 Casey Jones'...
...stands tall at 49 inches! 

Blue Dreams and Pepper Ak47s and White Widows, Oh my!

You know what they say about California girls

     That concludes this update, but rest assured, there are some cool and unique pictures coming up soon, that document what can happen to even the most experienced of gardeners. At Backyard Grow, I believe in the importance of teaching and learning through multiple forms of media, so expect video content within the next couple weeks, that will closely examine some of the many facets of backyard gardening. Until then, please enjoy all the pictures and content I've uploaded thus far, and, like your own personal garden, stay healthy.


  1. Those are some beautiful plants.

  2. Beautiful @_@ been considering trying this.. Those plants are seriously BEAUTIFUL. +FOLLOW. without a doubt.

  3. Ahh beautiful. Hit me back,

  4. those are some nice looking gals ;)