Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been a while...

   OK so it hasn't really been that long, but when you're unable to update your blog for your loyal followers, 5 days feels closer to an eternity. Today's entry won't be a personal grow blog, but have no fear, new pictures will be here Saturday. Today's post will act more like a Sunday Q&A, just disregard the fact that its actually Tuesday. SO, leave any questions, comments, concerns, witty remarks or any other form sentence, and I'll do my best to respond and/or answer your question. I'll depart with a fun picture; the two plants you see in the back are now several inches higher than the orange fence:

I have my eye on you...


  1. Yeah, it does feel like forever when you are only gone a couple of days. That's what blogging does for you.

  2. interesting!

    follow me for extreme randomnism!

  3. Love your blog man! Now following!

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