Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lets start at the very beginning...

Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Cutting (Clone)

     Like any other plant, a hearty Cannabis specimen will grow from a single seed. This is the preferred method for some growers, however there is an alternative: planting seedlings cloned from a mother plant. The term clone is used in horticulture to refer to descendants of a single plant which were produced by vegetative reproduction or apomixis (Thanks wikipedia). This basically means that small branches are clipped from a mother/master plant, and allowed to take root in special mediums designed for that purpose. So, instead of having uncertain seed genetics, clones give the option of having a genetic copy of the mother plant. The downside is to clones lies in the light shock that occurs when you plant them. Before being sold, clones receive upwards of 12 hours of light per day, which is optimum for growth and health. However, outdoor light will not become 12 hours long until the middle of the summer in most geographic locations, and won't remain that high for very long.
     So then, what will this mean for you, the grower? Because the clones have a 2-3 week headstart on the seeds, and their hours of sunlight change, they may become confused and temporarily enter the flowering phase (in which buds are produced/grow larger, happens with less light in the end of the season). Do not be alarmed, as they adjust to the new hours of light, they will shift back into the growth phase. Also, another danger unique to clones comes from climate; if you live in a colder area, clones may be a poor choice due to cooler weather, possible frosts, and low sunlight during the beginning of the growing season.

     Ultimately, there will be little differnece between seeds and clones if the same care and dedication is applied equally. Gardening (especially for Cannabis) is very customizable, and all of the different options available make it easy to individualize the growing process. You may still be wondering if clones are right for you, or maybe if seeds will grow better in your particular area. My only answer for you is personal preference plays a large part of the gardening process, whether you grow tomatoes or Cannabis.