Monday, June 27, 2011


     Hello, Hola, Bienvenidos, Guten Tag, Aloha, or whatever your language may be, and welcome to what will hopefully become one of the most informative and helpful blogs of all time! This introductory post will cover all current planned areas of discussion, but there is no limit to how many posts may sprout up (Plant Joke 1, the puns have just begun!).

     By now, many of you may be asking yourself what exactly is Backyard Grow, and I have only one simple answer. Backyard Grow is a blog founded and dedicated to professional and amateur gardeners alike, who all share the common goal of producing a better product. Our product, however, is unconventional to some. You won't find this in the produce section of your local supermarket, and online availability is risky and limited. At Backyard Grow, our product is Cannabis Sativa.

     While there is no denying that both sides of the Cannabis debate have merit, this blog is not primarily for debating such matters. Here we are gardeners and enthusiasts, and take simple joy in knowing we did everything we could to create a healthy and bountiful harvest. Over the course of this blog, I (and hopefully others) will share my own experience to enrich that of others, as we keep the common goal of gardening in mind. For whatever you reasons to grow, I will provide you with the same resources and knowledge I have obtained over the years, through trial, error, blood, sweat, and tears.

     Like many things in life, great marijuana comes from a few simple building blocks: Plant nutrition, insect control, soil/water quality, and light are the key ingredients in growing a healthy Cannabis specimen. As you may have guessed from the title, this blog will primarily focus on outdoor gardening, but much of the general information presented can be applied to indoor soil or hydroponic setups. However, it is my firm belief that the best and most bountiful yields can only come from the universe's brightest (as well as least expensive) source of light, the Sun.

     This concludes the introduction to Backyard Grow: An Exploration of Outdoor Gardening. Don't want to miss any of the important information coming up? Subscribe today to receive alerts and updates, they may even save some (plant) lives!

For now, this is KidBotanical reminding you all to follow your plants' lead, and stay healthy


  1. Really good post, I'm liking the idea for this blog.

    Can one seek growing advice from you?

  2. Thanks! Any question you have I'll try to answer, and my upcoming posts will address many popular areas of discussion as well

  3. how do you get a spray on leaf fertilizer solution
    do you buy it or do you make it.
    either way what do you do

  4. You buy it... try out earth tonic... organic heavy multi purpose plant enhancer derived from all compost microbes